accidentguru-bullet1Auto Body Repair – to a motor vehicle’s body by means of Panel beating and/or Spray painting.
accidentguru-bullet1Minor Body Repairs – Repairs that do not require any type of structural repair work or Panel beating to be done to the vehicle, including the repairs to minor dents, scratches, or damaged paintwork.
accidentguru-bullet1Headlight restoration – Restore faded and scratched headlights to as good as new condition
accidentguru-bullet1A authorized BASF Lifetime Paint Warranty and an unconditional two year Warranty on workmanship.
accidentguru-bullet1Retail Motor Industry of SA – Accredited repairer.
accidentguru-bullet1Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.
accidentguru-bullet1Sufficient safe parking for customers is available.
accidentguru-bullet1Customer waiting area.
accidentguru-bullet1SQS SCI Survey’s conducted monthly.
accidentguru-bullet1Vehicle storage enclosed area for vehicle’s awaiting assessment, repairs and parts.
accidentguru-bullet1Check Inn Vehicle Report – when receiving vehicle for repairs.
accidentguru-bullet1Computerized Job Card system – Panel beat, parts and spray paint, polishing, cleaning etc.
accidentguru-bullet1Mechanical Check list – Checked and signed as per journeymen.
accidentguru-bullet1Quality Control Sheet – Repairs as per job card checked and completed.
accidentguru-bullet1Service Advisor communicates with the client regarding the progress of their vehicle in panel and paint shop.
accidentguru-bullet1Vehicle check out list when customers receive repaired vehicle.
accidentguru-bullet1Clearance certificate signed after inspection of vehicle.
Business Hours:
Mon – Fri: 07:30 AM – 18:00 PM
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Tel: (021) 510 1000

In Summary, we offer:

> Quick turnaround times
> Quality workmanship
> Lifetime warranty on paint
> Warranty on workmanship
> Free On-Site quotations
> Free online quotations on submission of photographs
> Free Collection and Delivery
> Insured Vehicles during transit